Grow with our intelligent audience engagement solutions for Push Notifications,
In-app messages, and more.

We help you GROW


Discover relevant data and insights that
feed actions enabled by Grow. No additional
systems needed.

Prefer another solution?
Bryj plays well with others too.


GROW’s best-in-class audience
segmentation, campaign, and native
notifications tools optimize your
audience value from day one.

No need for other systems or
expensive specialists.


AI or common sense?!
GROW offers a growing suite of smart
solutions to optimize notification
serving, maximize your app store
ratings, and unlock omni-channel

No data scientists required!

The power of smart engagement

Data driven insights and opportunities

Leverage powerful mobile analytics to gather key insights on user journeys and create campaigns targeting specific segments based on previous behaviors.

Real-time. Right device.

Thanks to our GROW solution made for marketing teams, you regain control of your application, you do not need any technical skills and our team of experts will help you optimize your application to ensure ROI within the first weeks.

Personalized omni-channel engagement

The right message, through the right channel, at the right time.
As the user expects and appreciates.

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