Top Mobile App Marketing Trends and Best Practices

Today, nearly every business, from start-ups to large enterprises, has developed an app to improve business visibility, enhance customer experiences and increase sales. Research suggests that the global mobile app development market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.4% from 2022 to 2030.

But after developing an app, you must apply unique marketing tactics to attract users and develop an interest in it — and this is what we call mobile app marketing. It allows you to promote your app, engage users and grow the number of app downloads.

Read this post to discover top mobile app marketing trends and best practices to increase awareness, customer engagement, and revenue.

With over 3.5 million apps on the google play store, users are overwhelmed with choices, and it's no surprise that many apps will go unused. 

In fact, about one in two apps are uninstalled within 30 days of installation. This is a significant threat to app marketers and businesses. Therefore, app marketers must utilize a robust marketing strategy to get people to download and use their apps. 

But the secret lies in the marketing trends. So here are some trends to watch for this year.

Mobile Apps Speeding Up eCommerce Websites

Most eCommerce development companies in the US have mobile-friendly apps. The apps help customers and visitors interact while enabling you to track what they are looking for.

Moreover, eCommerce website users who use their mobile devices (apps) can share your content across various social platforms, expanding your business audience. Therefore, it's crucial to have a mobile app for your eCommerce site.

In-Person and Mobile App Integration 

It's clear that online shopping is a dominating force. But we still have people who prefer shopping in stores. But in most cases, these shoppers use their phones to aid their physical shopping. Phones have become an integrated part of the shopping experience. 

While the shopping experience is already integrated, developers will need to make it more meaningful through their apps. For example, when advertising your mobile app, you'll need to highlight mobile and in-person integration in your campaigns. 

For instance, you might offer coupons and rewards exclusively to mobile users. Also, you should come up with a payment feature from your mobile app that links to the customer's credit card. Moreover, incorporating QR codes will enhance the in-person and mobile app integration, boosting customer experiences with your app.

App Personalization 

Personalization boosts customer loyalty and sales, which are essential to any business. Therefore, many businesses utilize mobile apps to offer personalized content for each user.

Moreover, mobile apps provide a human touch — an essential aspect of conversation rates. 

Extending Video Content Integration  

The pandemic brought an upturn in live streaming. And with the strict restrictions and limitations, holding an in-person meeting or event was impossible. However, technology and mobile apps made it possible to hold meetings and events in person and virtually. 

Therefore, app owners or marketers must connect with users through video. It's an excellent addition to your mobile app marketing techniques. 

Moreover, people are now using mobile devices to stream on-demand content. Therefore app marketers will need to advertise with on-demanding streaming services to reach new audiences and increase app downloads. 


Over the past few years, the mobile app marketing industry has witnessed exponential growth. Consequently, we can firmly say that mobile app marketing is rapidly gaining an edge over the web. 

The industry has witnessed various trends, including in-person and mobile integration, to enhance the customer shopping experience. Moreover, the shift toward traditional marketing techniques is evident in the industry.

Therefore, mobile app marketers will need end-to-end marketing strategies to cut through the competition and achieve more app downloads.

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